thérapie for men

Relax and unwind. Targeted specifically to meet the rugged demands of a traditional man, promoting strength and well being.

massage | facials | waxing

  • men's flow thérapie massage

A traditional technique using long, connecting movements and Swedish massage techniques to unwind the body and alleviate stress.

45 | 65 | 85

  • deep-tissue massage

Targeting deep into the layers of muscle tissue, slow and focused techniques are used to reduce chronic muscle tension or minor sports injuries.

55 | 75 | 95

  • aromatherapy add-on

Add aromatherapy oils to the services of your choice to help boost your mood by relieving stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

+ 5

  • men's facial

Designed specifically to address large or clogged pores, ingrown hairs and/or razor burn.

45 | 70

  • waxing for men

A growing hair removal trend to help get rid of excess or unwanted body hair without the unwanted side-effects of ingrown hairs or razor burn. Want to know more? Check out the Hair Removal Trends For Men article by

Brow Shaping | 20

Brow Cleanup | 10

Face | 5+

Cheeks | 15

Chest | 50+

Back | 55+

Underarm | 25+

Arm | 45+

Leg | 70+