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Teen Services

At Thérapie we want everyone to have a safe and relaxing experience. 


The best way for us to create that space for our youth is our clients honoring the following policies.


Teen Massage:

Client must be 16 years of Age. Client may only book our Teen Massage. 

Teen Facial:

Client must be 13 year of Age. Teen Facials no matter the age are for 30 Minutes only

Parent or guardian are required to attend service with their teen. The client and the parent or guardian must also provide written consent before any services begin. You can find our Youth Waiver here.


Client is required to wear swimwear or be fully clothed to receive service. Please schedule your massage with the gender preferred choice of your teen. 

30 Minutes / $90

50 Minutes / $110


A petite facial especially designed to address teen acne concerns. Utilizes naturally occurring fruit fermented enzymes, clays, and beta hydroxy acids to address breakouts and helps establish great skin care routines for long term skin health.

30 Minutes / $100

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