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We are dedicated to our commitment of excellence. Our first priority is to honor your time and your path to wellness. 


Thérapie Day Spa was founded by Kelly Robinson, Licensed Massage Therapist, and her vision was simple. She sought to create an oasis where people can retreat from the stress of everyday life and rejuvenate their mind and bodies. Along with the help of an army of dear friends, the dream became reality in March 2011 when Thérapie opened its doors for business. We proudly partner with many other local businesses to make your experience unique. At Thérapie, we are grateful for the opportunity to support you in your path to wellness, and we hope that you feel right at home with us.


Welcome to the family. 

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In Ocean Beach:

4985 Voltaire Street, San Diego, CA 92107


email: oceanbeach@therapiedayspa.com


In La Mesa Village:

4679 Date Avenue, La Mesa, CA 91941


email: lamesa@therapiedayspa.com

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Indulge your senses. Wipe away stress and tension and promote your sense of balance and well being.

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 Couples Massage Offerings!

Fusion Thérapie Integrated Massage
Our signature massage.
A perfect combination of relaxation massage techniques and more focused, deep work in areas of concern.
30 Minute / $65
50 Minute / $85
80 Minute / $110
Flow Thérapie Swedish Massage
For the ultimate in relaxation.
An ultra-relaxing combination of Swedish Massage and our therapists’ individually acquired massage techniques.
30 Minute / $60
50 Minute / $80
80 Minute / $105
Structure Thérapie Deep Tissue
Slow and focused techniques are used to address specific areas of chronic muscle tension or minor sports injuries. We proudly feature doTerra Deep Blue Rub.
30 Minute / $70
50 Minute / $90
80 Minute / $115
CBD Thérapie Massage
Combines the powerful regenerative properties of hemp oil with other active botanical ingredients, offering immediate relief from aches, pains, and inflammation.

50 minute / $110
80 minute / $135
River Rock Thérapie
Warm stones and organic coconut oil assist our skilled practitioners in melting away knots, tension and stress.
30 Minute / $80
50 Minute / $100
80 Minute / $125
Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
This restorative treatment pairs smooth salt stones with organic coconut oil, leaving skin radiant and muscles deeply relaxed. Himalayan Salt Stones contain over 80 minerals that work together to alkalize and purify the body.
30 minute / $70
50 minute / $90
80 minute / $115
Purification Thérapie Massage
Swedish massage complemented by essential oils and finished with a unique sugar foot scrub and warm compress.

50 Minute / $95
80 Minute / $120
Maternité Thérapie
Prenatal and Postnatal
A deeply nurturing prenatal massage that increases circulation and eases the adverse affects both during and after pregnancy.
30 Minute / $70
50 Minute / $90
80 Minute / $115
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