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Skincare we love!


The products we utilize in treatment and for home-care recommendations are industry leaders in both integrity of ingredients and efficacy. Each of the products we have carefully curated exemplify our standard of excellence at Thérapie Day Spa.

We proudly feature products crafted by:

Image Skincare

"Clinical isn't boring; just the opposite. Clinical Skincare creates confidence, delivering efficacy, and evidence-based results. And it doesn't mean compromising when it comes to integrity. That's why we created our own category: clean clinical skincare. Here is what we are doing to ensure our products aren't just clinically effective, but mindfully made."

Epicuren Discovery

"Throughout our history, the goal at Epicuren Discovery® has been to leave the biggest impression on this world through natural skincare, while leaving the smallest footprint. We are a result-driven, anti-aging natural beauty brand that cares as much about the wellness and self-care of our customers and our employees as we do about the environment."

Skin Script

"Skin Script Skin Care was created by estheticians, for estheticians. Our mission is to provide great products and education so our aestheticians prosper and succeed.

We have developed fruit-based masks, enzymes, peels, and retail products that are gentle, yet effective. You will find the products ideal for treating all skin types!"

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